Town Attorney General Meeting  

The Town Attorney General will enforce the rights of individuals, a workable way to take control of government away from the multinational corporations and return it to the People.

Town Attorney General Seal
Carl E Person

Location: Producers' Club Theatre
358 W. 44 St. (8-9th Ave.), New York NY


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Concept and History
By Carl E. Person

Town Attorney General
- An Off-Broadway
Performance by
Carl E. Person

Town Attorney General -
Action and Rallying Point
for Americans Who Want to
Take Back Their Country

Saving Main Street
and Its Retailers
Carl E. Person

Last Update
May 18, 2008

Information about Carl E. Person

I, Carl E. Person, am a graduate of Harvard Law School, and have spent more than 40 years in antitrust and civil rights litigation, representing injured individuals or corporations. I have been able to litigate successfully against some of the largest corporations in the world, and see the need for the nationís towns and villages to do for themselves (including their residents, local employees, and local businesses) what I have been doing for my clients. The nationís towns and villages need to go into court on behalf of their constituents, to protect them from loss or destruction by the ever-growing multinational corporations that trade off American interests for immediate profitability, but resulting in a continuing decline of the economy and living standards for most Americans.

I majored in Government and History at Long Island University, Brooklyn, New York, and became Student Council President of LIU. Upon graduation with an A.B. (or maybe it was a B.A.) degree in 1959, I went to Harvard Law School, and graduated from HLS in 1962, and took and passed the New York bar, and was admitted to the bar, in November, 1962. I was admitted to the local federal district court in 1970, and subsequently have been admitted to various federal Circuit Courts (the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 9th) and to the United States Supreme Court.

I have learned that most people cannot afford to pay a law firm to commence most types of commercial litigation (especially antitrust litigation), which has resulted in unopposed growth of major corporations because smaller competitors generally do not go into court to enforce their rights. As a result, smaller corporations lose their business, customers, profits, income, assets and finally go out of business, with substantial losses to the owner(s) of the business, its employees, its customers, and the community.

What is needed to stop this ongoing destruction of small business and the middle class is a government official at the town and village level (or perhaps the county level) who will bring the needed lawsuits at local expense (using taxpayerís money) to enforce the nationís and stateís laws protecting the town and its residents and businesses.

If this is done, by a "Town Attorney General", the town can expect additional revenues to the town amounting to $5,000 to $10,000 or more (or less) per family per year, which would be sufficient to cover all healthcare, dental care and prescription drug costs for all town residents and a 100% rebate of all real estate taxes for all property owners (split with some equitable formula with any renters).

My experience in investigating, commencing and litigating various types of business lawsuits against major corporations has given me the insight in how this can and should be done, profitably, for the nationís 18,000 towns and villages. If this occurs, the country will be able to push back the devastating effects of globalization, and to some extent the related problem of excessive outsourcing. I discuss this at length in my book Saving Main Street and Its Retailers.

I have tried on my costume - formal morning coat, striped pants, ascot and vest - for my show, Town Attorney General Meeting. To see me, click here.

If you have any questions, I invite you to give me a call, at 212-307-4444.

Carl E. Person