Town Attorney General Meeting  

The Town Attorney General will enforce the rights of individuals, a workable way to take control of government away from the multinational corporations and return it to the People.

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Carl E Person

Location: Producers' Club Theatre
358 W. 44 St. (8-9th Ave.), New York NY


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Concept and History
By Carl E. Person

Town Attorney General
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Carl E. Person

Town Attorney General -
Action and Rallying Point
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Take Back Their Country

Saving Main Street
and Its Retailers
Carl E. Person

Last Update
May 18, 2008

Website as Rallying Point for Political Action

Varied Reform Groups in the U.S. Have No Workable Plan
To Bring Reform Groups Together into a Workable Coalition

I (Carl E. Person) am a graduate of Harvard Law School and have been an antitrust and civil rights litigator for the past 40+ years. As an informed citizen, I estimate there are more than 100 million Americans dissatisfied with the current administration of the federal government and are heading in various, often-conflicting directions, in their efforts to put other persons in charge of the federal government.

The dissidents include members advocating or supporting various conspiracies, right to vote, environmental law, 911/WTC issues, pro Choice, womenís rights, civil liberties, or being against the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, GATT and other international trade treaties, execution, torture, one-world government, nuclear weapons, war, economic imperialism, media monopoly, slave labor, 3rd world conditions in the United States; or members of political groups such as

The problem with most of the groups is that they focus, repetitively, on proving violations of the U.S. Constitution or other law or other injustices - what members already know - and have no workable course of action to lay out for their members. Members hear the same list of outrages but no workable plan for change.

The Town Attorney General Concept Can Effect Desirable Reform and Act as Rallying Point for Reform Groups of All Types

I believe that my concept for the Town Attorney General, as explained in Chapter 30 and elsewhere in my book, SAVING MAIN STREET AND ITS RETAILERS, fills the void and can and should become the desired course of action for the dissident groups and others. In effect, the Town Attorney General concept should be a rallying point around which dissidents can gather, and gather political strength, to try to stop the destruction of the U.S. economy and the civil rights of U.S. citizens and others which have been evolving since the days of the Nixon Administration. Unless stopped, substantial destruction will take place over the next few years.

This is not to say, of course, that the Town Attorney General will run with every idea proposed by every group. The Town Attorney Generalís focus will probably be on antitrust law and other laws regulating business, to make sure that there is a level playing field in the United States, and that small business and the middle class can prosper once again, and that there is far greater upward mobility than exists at the present.

Failure of the U.S. Government to Enforce the Nation's Antitrust Laws Has Created Globalization (and Resulting Theft of Trillions of Dollars from the American Public), and the Town Attorney General Can Be the Only Institution to End the Unlawful Practices

The Constitutional institutions, with their alleged checks and balances, are not working because the elected and appointed federal officials are not enforcing the nationís laws against the multinational corporations, thereby allowing them to get away with stealing hundreds of billions of dollars (or is it trillions of dollars) from the American people, driving legitimate business competitors out of business, and destroying high-paying jobs in favor of low-paying jobs with the large multinational corporations repeatedly demonstrating that they would rather hire teenage or sub-teenage Chinese at $.25 to $.50 an hour instead of paying a living wage to Americans.

The Town Attorney General Should Become, in Effect, a Law-Abiding "Godfather" for the Americans that Have Lost Their Property, Political Power and Position

The Town Attorney General should be viewed as a lawful, local Godfather who has the skill and direction to commence litigation and recover damages and get injunctive relief against major retailers and their suppliers who in their dealings with each other are violating various antitrust laws including the Robinson-Patman Act, and driving their small, local competing businesses out of business and destroying the higher-paying jobs they represent.

Each of the 18,000 towns and villages in the United States should appoint a Town Attorney General, as a local Godfather, to sue large corporations that are violating state and federal laws and causing economic injury to the town/village, residents and local businesses.

Lawsuits Would Create Substantial New Revenue Sources for Currently Beleaguered Towns and Villages - Money that Can be Used to Provide FREE Healthcare and Reduced Real Estate Taxes (and other benefits) for All Residents of the Town

The Town Attorney General, acting as a "little Eliot Spitzer", would sue for monetary and injunctive relief, and use the proceeds of the litigation to provide a smorgasboard of benefits to each resident, including the options of reduced real estate taxes, FREE healthcare, FREE dental care, FREE prescription drugs and FREE broadband services for all residents.

The Threat of 500 Town Attorneys General Ganging up on an Errant Manufacturer Should be Sufficient to Compel the Manufacturer to Return to Compliance with the Robinson-Patman Act

Any manufacturers unlawfully giving favorable prices to major retailers in the area, and hurting local businesses in the process, could expect 10, 50, 100 or even 500 antitrust lawsuits from across the nation against the single errant manufacturer, which at some point would break the manufacturer.

To get away from this destructive litigation, the manufacturer would be required to revert to a transparent pricing system with a posted price list. Manufacturers have transferred a substantial part of their net worth to major retailers, by selling to them below the manufacturersí direct costs, and because of this financial weakness the threat of such antitrust lawsuits (each requiring an expenditure of perhaps $1,000,000 to $20,000,000 or more to defend), would at some point require the manufacturer to start using posted price lists to stop the costs of litigation which would be threatening to throw the manufacturer into bankruptcy, if the practice of selling below cost doesnít cause an earlier bankruptcy filing.


My book, Saving Main Street and Its Retailers, provides all of the information needed to bring members of the dissident, reform groups up to speed on the core political objective of having every town and village appoint a Town Attorney General.

Dissident groups should get behind the book and participate in its distribution. The best way would be to

(i) read the book yourself to understand why the Town Attorney General concept has a good chance to make change for the better in the United States;
(ii) distribute the book to all members of your group (special group rates are available for that purpose), with a link to this website to help the member put everything into a proper perspective;
(iii) get the book placed in local retail stores that have been injured by a major retailer in the area; and
(iv) link dissident websites and blogs to this website, to bring in new people to work for the needed changes.

There Should Be the Desirable Grassroots Effect through Competition

Just remember this: If the Town Attorney General is able to deliver FREE healthcare, FREE prescription drugs and REDUCED real estate taxes to his/her town or villages, the residents of nearby and other towns and villages will demand the same. Also, in "grassroots" organizational-growth fashion, we will wind up with perhaps 2 to 10 persons in each town and village competing to become Town Attorney General, with an eye on the Office of the State Attorney General, and ultimately hoping to go up against New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who everyone knows through his current, continued success as New York State Attorney General is going to become Governor of New York and a viable candidate to run for the Presidency of the United States.

In effect, the Town Attorney General concept is designed to create competition where economic and related political monopolies now exist, and will enable the dissidents (you, me and others) to take back our country.

For Further Information

If you have any questions about what you can do, please give me, Carl E. Person, a call, at 212-307-4444.

© Copyright 2005 by Carl E. Person